When Mother’s Day hurts…

Mother’s Day is a very special day. We should honor our mothers everyday, but it’s nice to have a special day set aside to show just how special she is.
For a lot of women, though, Mother’s Day can be painful.

I remember my very first Mother’s Day after the passing of our son Alex. I sat in the pew with tears in my eyes because I didn’t have a little one to enjoy Mother’s Day. Then years later after losing my own mother, it seemed to be an even harder day.

Mother’s Day can be a reminder of many things. I plead with you this Mother’s Day that you look around your church and see those silent tears…

…the woman who is reminded of her singleness and longs to have a family of her own.

…the woman that has tried for years to have a baby but for some reason infertility has crept in.

…the woman who has miscarried that is reminded of her loss.

…the woman who had to bury her child (or children).

…the woman who had to bury her own mother.

…or even the woman whose grown children that do not call or visit her.

I fit in most of those categories. And although I have two beautiful children God has allowed me to take care of here on Earth, it still stings a little each year.

What if our churches honor all women on Mother’s Day?

I know I have had many women that aren’t “mothers” love my children as their own.

Who have spoken life into them.

Who have held them as they cried.

Who have come to their ballets and celebrated their birthdays.

And for that, I am forever grateful to those women.

So how do we honor all women on Mother’s Day, and how do we not wallow in our pain?

-start a tradition. Plant a rose bush, release balloons, send a card to a stranger.

-reach out and be a “mother” to the motherless.

-call a friend and celebrate.

Don’t allow the enemy to still the joy that motherhood brings. If you are hurting this Mother’s Day, I encourage you, friend, to reach out and celebrate. Our God is so faithful. He is by our side walking with us on this journey of life (however painful it may be).
Happy Mother’s Day


One thought on “When Mother’s Day hurts…

  1. Happy Mothers Day Mary and God bless your day. God has given you a wonderful husband and 2 children to cherish and love in Chloe and Grayson. May your day be filled with love and joy
    Your Brother in Christ, Tommy

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