Are all things good? 

Are all things good? How can God take all things and work them together for His good?

-cancer isn’t good

-war isn’t good

-broken relationships aren’t good

-a death of a loved one isn’t good

Romans 8:28 is a popular verse. “We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God; those who are called according to His purpose.”

Paul isn’t saying all things are good, but he seems to understand that we serve a mighty God who is faithful to bring good even from the most traumatic events.

But not for everyone. Only to those who love God. Who have proclaimed that Jesus is their Lord and Savior. Their Rescuer.

I recently heard a quote, “God will not protect us from what He will perfect us through.”

Read that again…

God is using those “bad” things to shape us…to mold us…

Isaiah 64:8 reads, “We are the clay, you are the potter, we are all the work of your hand.”

God is making those terrible things into something good, by shaping and molding us…refining us. (No one ever said shaping, molding, and refining was ever easy)

I am so thankful that when these hard days come (and they will come) that I can rest in knowing I am not alone. He is making me new all for His glory.

His Name. His Fame.


2 thoughts on “Are all things good? 

  1. Last Sundays church notes:

    Romans 8:28
    v 23, 26

    The Spirit of God sympathizes with us.
    It intercedes according to the will of God.
    God works all things out for the good.

    “God wants to get us where He wants to get us, more than we want to get to where He wants to get us.”

    The world intends things for the bad, while the Lord intends things for the good.
    …no matter how bad things may seem now.
    “Stay obedient, stay faithful…God will take care of us!”
    His purpose, His will, Not ours!

    Psalm 25:10
    Romans 6

    He may not make your grey cloud clear for you, but He does for someone.
    He uses all things for His good.

    -I really enjoy you and James’ blogs!

  2. This story was also told:

    There is a tale of an African king who had a childhood friend. That friend was a constant optimist, and no matter what happened in life, he always said the same thing: “This is good!”

    It occurred that the king and his best friend went hunting, and on that hunting trip the friend would prepare the weapons and load the guns for his friend and king. But he misjudged, and while shooting, the gun exploded and took off one of the king’s thumbs with it.

    The friend, seeing this, exclaimed: “This is good!”

    “How can this be good?” Fumed the king. “This is NOT good!”. And upon their return, he ordered the friend thrown into the deepest jail cell.

    Some time later, the king went on another hunting trip, but not far from his destination, he was caught by a group of vicious cannibals, who took him back to their village to prepare a feast from his flesh.

    But, when they saw his thumb was missing, they sent him on his way, because it is bad luck to eat an unwhole person in their culture.

    Upon the king’s return, he immediately had his friend freed, and as the friend stepped out of his jail cell, blinking at the light, the king said: “I am sorry my dear friend, you were right all along, it WAS good that I lost my thumb. It was wrong of me to put you in jail.”

    “No, no!” Laughed the friend. “It was good!”

    “How can you say it was good?” The king was surprised.

    “Because if you hadn’t, I would have been with you on that trip!”

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