Respecting Marriage 

Title: Respecting Marriage
A few months ago James shared with me something he learned about marriage and how it should be respected by all. And today as I continue through Hebrews this verse pops up again. Hebrews 10:4 tells us that marriage must be respected by all…

How can marriage be respected by all? James and I have a few ideas. 

First I would like to say that we both have a passion for marriage and growing with other couples to help them invest in their marriages. 

Here’s a few ideas that have helped us. 

    1.   Teach your children what respecting mom and dad’s marriage looks like. We tell our daughter (little man is still learning) that she needs to go to bed at a decent time to allow mom and dad to talk, to pray, to simply watch a movie. You must set boundaries with your children and allow them to see mom and dad investing in this thing called marriage. 

   2.  Stop filling up your calendar with stuff. If you have to mark “family days” and “date day/nights” on your calendar do it! James is amazing at protecting family time and our time. Being in the ministry can be challenging because honestly it’s not an 8-5 job. It’s 24/7 everyday all day. So schedule that date! You may be thinking “We don’t have the money” or “We don’t have a sitter.” Check this thing out called Amazing way to have a fun date at home when the littles are asleep! 

    3.    Help other couples invest in their marriages by watching their children while they go out. We have a couple at our church who are amazing. She will often call and say “Hey we want to keep the kiddos so y’all can have a date.” This is simply amazing to us; that someone would give their time to watch our two rambunctious kiddos. We even have another close friend with their own littles who have watched our kids so we can invest in our marriage. Oh and it’s free!!! Help each other by watching each other’s kiddos to invest in the marriage. Now the excuse of we have no money isn’t an excuse any longer. 

    4.  The church should be our number one helper in respecting the marriage. The church should spur other couples on toward serving Christ. I crave for “older” couples to walk along side James and me to help us walk a godly marriage. Show us how to love one another. Show us how to be more like Christ. Show us how to effectively serve together to further the kingdom. 

Our Sunday School class invests in marriages. It’s been so encouraging to see other marriages as well as ours flourish and grow. This idea that marriage is supposed to be a reflection of the gospel is huge. I challenge you today to sit with your spouse and ask each other “How is your marriage reflecting the gospel?” 

And one more challenge:

date each other…and never stop. 

A couple of resources to help you invest in your marriages.


One thought on “Respecting Marriage 

  1. Thanks. We are never too old or been married long enough that we can’t learn from and improve on our marriage.
    What an inspiration this blog is to me.

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