The Joy of Parenthood 

Nothing can prepare you for parenthood. I have to say it is one of the toughest jobs that God has given me.  A little over a year ago I had one of those aha moments. I was struggling with jealousy…jealousy of my husband that was able to “do” ministry, go on mission trips, going to events…Then one-day God spoke to my heart and allowed me to see that my ministry in this season of my life is being a mom. My mission is to disciple my children. My ministry is my family (honoring my husband and supporting him as he is able to go and be the hands and feet, teaching my children about life and walking with the Lord).  

Since then James and I have made sure to disciple our children the way God has called us to do. To be honest, this is harder than going on a mission trip. I mess up a lot and my kids see it. I sometimes don’t get to read my Bible and my kids see it. Sometimes I am living in my flesh and not the spirit and my kids see it.  

But you know what? They also see a mom and dad who love the Lord. That serve Him. That follow Him even when life hurts.  

About a year ago Chloe started asking many questions about what it means to be saved. We started praying with and for her. Trying to navigate this new step in parenthood. We never wanted to push her because we needed her to know what she was doing and be genuine about it. James and I have prayed and prayed that God would send her a friend that loved the Lord and would walk alongside her when she made that step towards Him.  

Who would have thought that He would have answered that prayer through a precious eight-year-old girl?  

Fast forward a few months. Chloe came running into my office one afternoon with her friend Brynn. They both were giggling and glowing. Chloe told me that she “got saved today on the playground.” Chloe and Brynn were playing at recess and Brynn simply looks at Chloe and asked, “Hey are you saved and baptized”? Chloe told her not yet. Brynn asked, “Do you want to be”? Right there on the playground, Brynn prayed with Chloe to help her receive Christ.  

I thought my heart would literally burst. It is a feeling that no one has ever prepared me for as parent. Chloe was different, and I could tell. This was the beginning of a sweet friendship that has developed. They spend their recess time planning on ways to help others. They text back and forth in the evenings giggling and talking about little girl things. God not only answered my prayer for sending her a sweet friend, but He sent her a friend that walks with Him and loves Him dearly.  

Mom and Dad we are given a precious gift and a BIG job on the day God entrusted us with His children. It is our job to guide them, teach them, love them in this crazy scary world. It is our job to walk with them on this journey called life. My heart is so full to see that my little eight year-old daughter has said yes to her Savior and is now my sister in Christ.  

I pray that she will be a world changer and that she will chase after her Creator with all her being.  

“Before you were born I set you apart.” Jeremiah 1:5

“The Lord you God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9


One thought on “The Joy of Parenthood 

  1. This is beautifull!!! So inspiring !!! It has put me in awe of the Lord seeing the way He worked!

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