Worship Is Your Weapon: O Praise the Name

Worship is your weapon.

It matters what and why you sing. Before June 2018 in San Antonio, the song “O Praise the Name (Anastasis)” seemed to be a decent anthem, but after meeting a new friend that week, the song anchored deep in my soul.

You see, my new friend’s story is one of heartbreak and tragedy, leaving him emotionally devastated. After losing his marriage and job within a short span, he felt hollow, hopeless, and helpless. That week, however, a new song seared into our souls as they sang “O Praise the Name,” to which, in the middle of the week, our group experienced something life-giving: a student trusted Christ that week.

My new friend approached me the next afternoon underneath a mesquite tree: “James, my life has been pretty crappy this year, but last night? Last night I was reminded that this is why I live. This is why I do what I do: to help point others to Jesus. And even if this is the only person who trusts Christ this summer, it makes all that I’ve been through worth it.”

Can you see how he’s switched gears to singing from his soul?

“O praise the name of the Lord our God, o praise His name forevermore. For endless days we will sing His praise, o Lord, o Lord our God.”

It’s funny how the songs that drive deep in your soul are the ones connected to a story — be it yours or someone else’s — since each of our stories intertwine somewhere along God’s grand narrative.

What song are you singing with your story?


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