30 Sucks and Sumo Suits

So I turned 30 recently. The big 3-0. Some friends I know probably hate getting older (or at least handle it with disdain).


Not me though. I love it. And it was actually a great party. They even gave me the chance to fulfill a boyhood dream — to wrestle in a squared circle.


The gifts were wonderful (I’m typing on one of them now!). When it came time for the cake and the candles, I blew them out and made this wish:

That God would continue to allow me to share life with great people.

You see, I realized something at that party: I have had the pleasure and honor to share life with great people,
people that pour into me
people that give up everything to help me in emergencies
people that cry with me in my hurts
people that have given me a couch to sleep on
people that make me smile
people that bring out the best in me
people that allow me to teach them (and in turn, be taught by them as well)
people that help me to stop thinking and just unwind
people that spur me on to think harder
people that stretch me
And ultimately, people that love me.

So it’s no surprise when one of the gifts I received was a full paid admission for my family and I to go to the Aquarium.

When asked, the giver simply said, “I know how much your family means to you, so I wanted to get you something that you’d enjoy together.”

Humbled and amazed, I am loved by great people with big hearts.

Enjoy this pic, because this is who we’re going to see, as a family, because of great people.